Gourmet Groceries Dept

Don't be shy, just ask Shloy 


Grocery Dept, As you walk through the grocery department the first thing you will notice is that we take pride in our cleanliness and organization of our vast selection of products. “We take great pride in offering our shoppers the largest variety of grocery items than any other Kosher supermarket “ says Shloy Rubinstein who manages the Grocery department for Gourmet Glatt. “We get regular deliveries from all Kosher distributors to ensure our shelves fully stocked with the freshest merchandise, and ensure our customers get the greatest selection at lowest price”. There is no greater selection in town, the brands you want are always on the shelfs. The staff is always helpful and polite and are always willing to walk you to the item you are looking for, so don't be shy, just ask Shloy.

If you are look for the best price its no surprise that Gourmet Glatt always has you covered. With Howie Klagsburn's over 25 years of experience in the field, he is always bringing in the best deals for your dollar. So you can count on Howie to get you the freshest food with ease, at best prices in town.

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