Gourmet Meat Dept

Want to know a secret? 


Ask Rabbi Berel Wolowik how he manages to bring you the juiciest steaks, the freshest chickens, and the most succulent chops. He might not want to tell right away. But this ten-year veteran of the kosher meat industry knows that the key is freshness and he’ll let you in on the Gourmet Glatt method: while the majority of kosher butcher shops across the country purchase vacuum-packed products out of large distribution centers, we deal directly with the shochet or slaughterhouse and conclude the kashering process right on our own premises. “This ensures not only control of the kashering to the strict standards of the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns, it enables optimal freshness of our wide variety of beef. As for poultry, Gourmet Glatt’s tremendous buying power enables us to get regular and direct deliveries, with no time-consuming middle man.”

Organic meats, bison, deliciously pre-seasoned meats and poultry -- even aged meats that are so hard to find -- can be ordered from Gourmet Glatt and delivered straight to your door. “Our meats are simply the freshest and finest, definitely a cut above the rest,” says Rabbi Wolowik. “And that’s no secret.”

“Kashering the meat on our premises allows us to offer every cut of meat and not just the most common ones,” says Rabbi Wolowik, “and we’re always happy to accommodate all your special requests and orders.”

The meat department is the most complicated part of any food business, and in kosher food there must be the added measure of care that makes all the difference. Rabbi Wolowik and his experienced staff see to it that the process is handled with meticulous cleanliness and extreme sensitivity. Religious rules are stringently adhered to and the process moves quickly to guarantee the finest, freshest product. “All meat and poultry must meet both our kashrus and freshness standards,” says Rabbi Wolowik. “I insist.”

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