When it comes to buying fish, what’s the catch? 


Robbie Schonfeld says his dad took him fishing “practically since the day I was born.” They didn’t fish from a boat or pier – they went to the wholesale market at daybreak to find the best catch off the boats for their store in Brooklyn, Ossie’s Fish Market. That name has been synonymous with the finest quality fish for over 40 years. Today Ossie’s is proud to have found its exclusive home at Gourmet Glatt and Robbie’s well-trained eye for the freshest, best fish is the department’s finest asset.

Like his father, Robbie is meticulous when picking out fish fit to be sold to their customers. Above all, quality is never compromised, because the eating enjoyment and health of countless families is at stake. Robbie trusts Gourmet Glatt’s outstanding dedication to guaranteeing the freshest product. And he’ll never forget his dad’s motto: the fresher the fish the better the dish.

Ossie’s carries all the staples, such as Wild Alaskan salmon, tilapia, flounder, and white fish. For Gourmet Glatt, they take it one step further, offering marinated fish in oven-proof containers, sauces, dips, marinades and special spice rubs, a variety of seafood salads, all-natural salmon burgers and more.

“We always consider convenience. We know that our customers want something easy to prepare and delicious after a long day. Many of our items can be just popped into the oven -- no fuss, no mess, ready to eat,” says Robbie Schonfeld.

Robbie takes great pride in the fact that Ossie’s is family-owned and operated. He, his brother, and his wife are all dedicated professionals. “Anybody who works for us is trained in our Brooklyn store: we show them how we expect them to treat a customer and how to make sure that only the best is offered to the consumer. If a piece of fish doesn’t look right, it is simply discarded. The fish counter must look 100% sharp at all times, and we always listen to our customers’ needs. I guess that’s why Ossie’s has grown to three stores and a vibrant wholesale business. Now that we are part of the Gourmet Glatt family, we can serve clientele who never had access to us before.”

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