Gourmet Produce Dept

Gil Marrero is finicky about fruit! 


As Produce Manager at Gourmet Glatt, Gilbert Marrero knows that how you plan to use a fruit or vegetable is important. “You have to consider if it’s for a snack, a salad, or as an ingredient for cooking or baking. My recommendation would be different depending on why you need it.”

That’s because Gil’s 27 years in the industry have taught him how to judge what’s best for every situation. “For those baking with whole apples, I suggest Rome apples. If you’re not using whole apples, use Cortland. For simple raw consumption, I recommend the Fuji variety. It’s like that with every type of fruit or vegetable.”

“And freshness is part of the quality you should expect,” he asserts with passion, “because there’s nothing better than biting into that fresh piece of fruit and tasting the goodness. And for cooking? Listen, cooking with the freshest of ingredients is the key to how the final dish will taste.”

Gil sure knows his produce. When he was nine years old, he lingered for hours outside a local grocery in Elmhurst, NY, until the owner finally gave him his first job. “At first, he thought I was hanging around trying to steal from him, but when he saw I kept coming back every day, even in the bitter cold, he decided to let me work for him,” Gil recalls. “So he said to me one day, ‘Hey kid, come over here. Look at these apples -- anything with bruises or dents put in one box.’ A month later I was cleaning corn, the next month working strawberries. By the time I was fourteen, I could do the entire outdoor produce section by myself.”

With his affable nature, Gil doesn’t just dish out advice, he also accepts it. In his own words, “Throughout the years, it’s been the customers who have given me the greatest life experience.”

Gil is excited about working with Gourmet Glatt to share his experience with so many people throughout the New York Metro Area and across the US. “What makes my job fun is figuring out what shoppers would like most,” Gil says. “I’m very proud to be part of the Gourmet Glatt family. They appreciate what I have to offer and I appreciate being able to provide the very best there is to every shopper.”

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