Shop Talk – Spring 2016

A Freilichen Chanukah…Gourmet Glatt-Style
Hundreds of excited kids (and more than a few delighted parents) enjoyed the festivities at Gourmet Glatt’s Chanukah Family Extravaganza, which was held at the Woodmere store on the last day of Chanukah. The event featured entertainment by the Shnitzel Guys, a photo kiosk by Naomi Cohen, a cash booth, face painting, Oriental paper cutting, a seemingly endless stream of free popcorn and donuts, special giveaways, and more. Continue reading “Shop Talk – Spring 2016”

A Conversation with Mendy Herz

What’s the next best thing to shopping at Gourmet Glatt? Shopping at the community’s premier kosher market from the comfort of your own home. That is, of course, if you Can depend on the food arriving in a timely fashion, with every item you specified on your list. The many hundreds of orders Gourmet Glatt processes each week attests to the store’s success in regularly meeting both those goals. In this issue of Market to Table, we talk to order department manager Mendy Herz, who leads the busy team dedicated to delivering convenience, efficiency and reliability to Gourmet Glatt customers throughout the Five Towns and beyond. Continue reading “A Conversation with Mendy Herz”

A Conversation with Front-end Manager Asher Cohn

He’s probably the first Gourmet Glatt staffer you see when entering the store and the last you see when leaving. And if you are like most shoppers, you probably ask for his assistance at least once during the time in between. Meet front-end manager Asher (aka Ash) Cohn, whose dedication to the job is responsible for keeping our customer service levels high and your shopping stress levels low.
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Getting to the Meat of the Matter –By Berel

In this issue of Market to Table, meat department manager Rabbi Berel Wolowik shares his perspective on what it takes to run a meat department that is, in every way, a cut above the rest.
Market to Table Among the 15 butchers in Gourmet Glatt’s meat department, there’s a whopping 180 years of experience! Can you tell us a little about your own experience in the industry?
R’ Berel At the age of 21, I took what I thought would be a short-term job as a mashgiach at a well-known kosher slaughterhouse–but I ended up working there for ten years. During that time, I learned a lot about the kosher meat and poultry business; for a while, I was even the shipping and warehouse manager. 
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Shmoozing with Shloy

Maybe it’s his warm and friendly smile. Maybe it’s his unfailingly helpful attitude. Or maybe it’s his impressive soup-to nuts-to-cholent beans range of food expertise. Whatever the reason, when it comes to customer assistance, grocery manager Shloy Rubinstein is one of Gourmet Glatt’s most popular go-to guys.
In this issue of Market to Table, Shloy talks about what it takes to run the Five Towns’ busiest grocery department.
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A Conversation With the Produce Department’s Top Banana

With a schedule that keeps him zipping between the store and the wholesale markets, produce department manager Ziggy Kohn doesn’t have a lot of extra time for interviews. Happily, we were able to sit him down long enough to tell us what it takes to run a produce department that’s the undisputed cream of the crop.
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A Conversation with the Market’s Buyer Howie Klagsbrun

With more than 30 years in the food industry, purchasing manager Howie Klagsbrun has had significant involvement in every aspect of the business — from manufacturing to distribution to company building. Still, he considers being part of the Gourmet Glatt team his “most challenging and rewarding professional experience yet.” Read on to learn why. Continue reading “A Conversation with the Market’s Buyer Howie Klagsbrun”

Berel on Barbecue

For many of us, the pleasures of spring and summer include getting together with family and friends for a perfect outdoor barbecue. And for barbecue lovers, nothing spells perfection like a really good steak.
Below, Gourmet Glatt meat department manager Berel Wolowik offers tips for choosing meats that are guaranteed to yield incredible results every time you fire up the grill.
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Shop Talk

And The Winners Were …
Summertime is grilling time, and Gourmet Glatt welcomed the season with a Spectacular Fourth of July Grill Giveaway. Shoppers who spent $75 or more between June 22 and July 2 were automatically entered in a drawing to win a Weber Genesis S-330 stainless steel 637-square-inch grill (Towne Appliance) and 20 juicy steaks hand- selected by Gourmet Glattís meat department team.
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