Getting to the Meat of the Matter –By Berel

In this issue of Market to Table, meat department manager Rabbi Berel Wolowik shares his perspective on what it takes to run a meat department that is, in every way, a cut above the rest.
Market to Table Among the 15 butchers in Gourmet Glatt’s meat department, there’s a whopping 180 years of experience! Can you tell us a little about your own experience in the industry?
R’ Berel At the age of 21, I took what I thought would be a short-term job as a mashgiach at a well-known kosher slaughterhouse–but I ended up working there for ten years. During that time, I learned a lot about the kosher meat and poultry business; for a while, I was even the shipping and warehouse manager. 
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Shop Talk -Spring

Welcoming Purim, Gourmet Glatt-Style

Outside, it was still feeling a lot like Chanukah, but inside Gourmet Glatt on Thursday (March 13) and Friday (March 14), Purim was definitely in the air. The store got into the Purim spirit with a “carnival in the aisles” that featured strolling clowns and lots of special gifts and surprises. Adding to Friday’s pre-Purim festivities was another Gourmet Glatt-sponsored live webcast of the popular Nachum Segal Network (NSN) show, Table for 2–hosted by Gourmet Glatt’s own cooking consultant, Naomi Nachman, aka The Aussie Gourmet.  In early February, Naomi worked her culinary magic at an in-store cooking demo co-sponsored by Gourmet Glatt and Ossieís Famous Fish. The ever-vivacious chef delighted shoppers with three delicious recipes featuring fresh tuna, salmon and bronzini, respectively. Said an equally delighted Naomi, “I just love teaching people how easy it is to make fresh, healthy suppers with fish.”
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This Pesach, Indulge Without the Bulge–By Shani Goldner

Purim is over and Pesach is almost here. It may have been hard to make good food choices on Purim, but a temporary dietary derailment doesn’t have to become a runaway nutritional train. With proper planning, you can enjoy your favorite Pesach foods without packing on the pounds.
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