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And The Winners Were …
Summertime is grilling time, and Gourmet Glatt welcomed the season with a Spectacular Fourth of July Grill Giveaway. Shoppers who spent $75 or more between June 22 and July 2 were automatically entered in a drawing to win a Weber Genesis S-330 stainless steel 637-square-inch grill (Towne Appliance) and 20 juicy steaks hand- selected by Gourmet Glattís meat department team.

The lucky winners were Heshy and Ahuva Berkowitz of Cedarhurst.
(Heshy is pictured below.)
ìWe are so excited to have won the barbecue and all these steaks!î said Mrs. Berkowitz. ìGourmet Glatt is a staple in our house. We appreciate the fact that they give back to our community–and that in this case,
we are the direct recipients!î
In-Store Challah Shape and Bake
The temperature wasnít the only thing rising in early July, when Mindy Rafalowitz–well-known recipe developer and food writer for Hamodia, The Jewish Press and Mishpacha Jr. ñ delighted Gourmet Glatt shoppers with a unique challah baking demonstration. During the two-hour presentation, Mindy shared tips and techniques for turning out different kinds of challahs and challah rolls, including whole wheat and marble, in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. Of course, the best part of the demo came at the very end, when Mindy removed her creative creations from the oven and offered samples to the gathering.
The verdict? The challahs tasted every bit as delicious as they looked.
Delicious Culinary Tour with Aussie Gourmet
During the Nine Days, dozens of participants joined Naomi Nachman–aka the Aussie Gourmet ñ at Gourmet Glatt for an exciting 4-day international culinary journey. At each of the three-hour cooking demos–which ran from Monday July 28 through Thursday July 31–Naomi prepared an array of  fabulous dairy and parve dishes representing some of the worldís most popular  cusines, including Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Israeli and more.
Naomi stayed on after each demo to answer questions about the dayís presentation ñ and general cooking queries.
“This was an amazing experience,” says Naomi. “The women were all extremely engaged; some went straight home and prepared the dayís recipes for dinner. The next day, they brought pictures to show me how the dishes had turned out!
ìThe response was really very rewarding.”
Just a few weeks earlier, Naomiís popular weekly webcast, Table for 2 (Nachum Segal Network) was once again broadcast from Gourmet Glatt. Naomi’s guests included  Elan Kornblum, Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine; Food Blogger Melinda Strauss,; Chanie Apfelbaum,; Jay Buchsbaum, Royal Wines; and Seth Leavitt, Abeles and Heymann Hot Dogs. Gourmet Glatt is the official sponsor of the Whatís for Dinner? segment of the program.

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