Berel on Barbecue

For many of us, the pleasures of spring and summer include getting together with family and friends for a perfect outdoor barbecue. And for barbecue lovers, nothing spells perfection like a really good steak.
Below, Gourmet Glatt meat department manager Berel Wolowik offers tips for choosing meats that are guaranteed to yield incredible results every time you fire up the grill.

Market to Table: What kind of beef is best for grilling?
Berel As a rule, a tender, fattier cut of meat is best for the barbecue. The classic rib steak would be a good choice, for example. Though somewhat more expensive, Prime rib steak, which has heavier marbling, is even more tender.
MTT What is marbling?
Berel Marbling is the distribution of the white flecks and streaks of fat throughout the cut of meat. A lot of marbling helps the meat stay tender, since it locks in the juices and melts into the meat as it cooks. In general, the more marbling, the more tender the cut will be.
MTT What other cuts of meat would you recommend for grilling?
Berel Another great item to cook on the grill is a split minute roast–a type of London Broil. This tender cut has lots of flavor and a very unique texture, and it’s great for marinating or sprinkling with a dry spice rub. For best results, a split minute roast should be grilled on each side for approximately five minutes. 
Skirt steaks and hanger steaks–which are known as flat steaks–are also excellent choices for the grill. Due to its extreme tenderness, the hanger steak is, in fact, a favorite among kosher barbecue fans.
MTT Aren’t flat steaks very salty?
Berel Yes. Because they are smaller cuts, salt penetrates through and through during the kashering process. A rib steak, by contrast, is kashered as part of a 40-pound rib, so the saltiness is not as pronounced once the outer layers are trimmed off.
But the saltiness should not prevent grill lovers from choosing these steaks. Soaking the steaks in cold water—it is advisable to change the water several times during this process—and rinsing well will greatly reduce their saltiness. 
MTT What other suggestions do you have for preparing and cooking flat steaks?
Berel Skirts and hangers are best when marinated for several hours and grilled for five minutes on each side. If the hanger was thinly butterflied by the butcher, it can be grilled four minute on each side for medium-rare doneness.
Since a skirt steak tends to be less tender when rare, I donít recommend grilling it for less than five minutes on each side. If you prefer your steak less well done, ask your butcher to slice the meat very thin and grill for a shorter period of time.
MTT Does it make any difference if the barbecue  meats are purchased fresh or frozen?
Berel Most barbecue experts agree that itís best if the meat is purchased fresh. Make sure the meat is brightly colored and that there are no extra juices in the package.
It’s also important to select a cut that has an even thickness so no part of the meat will be overcooked or undercooked.
MTT  Any other tips for choosing meats for the perfect barbecue?
Berel Only the most important one: Be sure to get your meat at a store thatís committed to bringing you the freshest, highest quality meat at the very best prices—Gourmet Glatt.
The results will speak for themselves.

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