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Lag B’aOmer Fun in the Park
As it has for the last number of years, Gourmet Glatt once again co-sponsored Chabad of the Five Townsí Grand Lag BaOmer Barbecue and Bonfire, held at Andrew J. Parise Park in Cedarhurst.  Hundreds of celebrants from throughout the Five Towns and beyond turned out for the festivities, and, of course, the delicious franks, burgers and drinks that were available at refrigerated Gourmet Glatt vans stationed at the park. (Proceeds from the food sales went to Chabad of the Five Towns.)

As in years past, Gourmet Glatt distributed specially designed, complimentary ìFamily Funî tee-shirts to children and adults alike.
“Co-sponsoring the yearly Lag BaOmer celebration is an extremely rewarding experience for us,” says Gourmet Glatt vice president and general manager Yoeli Steinberg. ìThe event offers us an opportunity to support the efforts of an outstanding local institution and to get together with our friends and neighbors for a day of celebration.î
Gourmet Glatt is also an annual co-sponsor of the Chabadís Chanukah candle-lighting in the park.
May He Help You?
Several months ago, Gourmet Glatt introduced Concierge Service, a program designed to enhance the shopping experience by providing a wide array of personal assistance options. A notable component of Concierge Service is the storeís ìFasTrackî option, which allows shoppers who are short on time to skip the check-out process entirely. (Ask about FasTrack at our customer service desk.)
The latest Concierge Service option is not a what ó itís a who: front end manager Ash Cohn.
As front end manager, itís Ashís job to assist customers in any way they need,  from helping to locate a particular product to identifying the staff member who can recommend the best way to prepare a chuck roast.
Need help loading your groceries into your car? Ash will make sure you get it.
Have a problem that needs a quick resolution? Ash is on the case.
Have a suggestion for making the Gourmet Glatt experience even better? Ash will make sure itís passed on to the right people at the right department.
Says Yoeli Steinberg: “In general, itís Ashís responsibility to ensure that Gourmet Glattís high service standards are being met ñ all the time and for every single customer.”
Comfort Food of a Different Kind
Gourmet Glatt once again provided upwards of 100 kosher líPesach meals to families of hospitalized patients serviced by Achiezer Community Resource Center.
“Anyone whoís ever had to stay with a hospitalized family member over Shabbos or Yom Tov can appreciate what it means to walk into a respite room and find a beautiful, delicious meal waiting for them,” says Achiezer president Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender. He recalls a recent encounter with a woman who had exactly that experience. “She couldnít stop thanking me for everything Achiezer does–and especially for the amazingly well-stocked respite rooms; I was grateful for the positive feedback, but I pointed that that when it comes to the respite rooms, itís the people at Gourmet Glatt who deserve the full credit.”
In addition to keeping the respite rooms at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, South Nassau Communities Hospital and Mercy Hospital stocked for Shabbos and Yom Tov, the store regularly sends individual food packages to hospital patients, observes Rabbi Bender. ìWhen we dispatch volunteers to the hospitals, we often instruct them to stop at Gourmet Glatt and pick up fresh, hot meals for the patients they are visiting.  No pre-arrangements are ever necessary; no questions are ever asked.
“We simply couldnít do everything we do for our patients without them.”
Together with an anonymous donor, Gourmet Glatt also stocked Hatzalah ambulances  with Pesach food packages for emergency room-bound patients who might not otherwise have access to food.

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